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HEALTHY PIZZAS… You might be wondering that these two words don’t go together. That’s not the case with our new product on the shelf! After spending a considerable amount of time researching we came up with a PERFECT SOLUTION for you in the form of Healthy Pizza, now worry less about eating unhealthy Maida and take rejoice in eating Pizza made with 100% Whole Wheat base. Choose between Wheat Base, Multigrain base and Gluten Free Base.

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For many of us, the phrase “Healthy Food” is equivalent to tasteless boiled veggies or salads. But guess what? We have a perfect solution for you, in the form of Healthy Pizza. Yeah! Yeah! we know these two words are contradictory to each other, but we are here to change your perception. We all know how unhealthy refined flour (Maida) is, as it is low in fiber, slows down our digestive system, it leads to weight gain, and numerous other side effects. After spending extensive time doing research and development, we have replaced refined flour (Maida) from Pizza base with 100% Whole Wheat by making our dough in-house from scratch using whole wheat, topped with freshly made tomato sauce and fresh toppings of your choice to boost the fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant contents.

We are proudly presenting Herbs On Pizza – The NO-MAIDA Pizza with three pizza base options to choose from; 100% Whole Wheat Base, Multigrain base and Gluten Free Base.

So what are you waiting for, order our mouthwatering No-Maida pizza delivered right at your doorstep.

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